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Post by grumm » Thu Aug 03, 2017 10:30 pm

The quests in the game are not a challenge, they are simply to help you get an understanding of the game and building you a card deck to start the game with. They can easily be done in a matter of 10 minutes. it used to be that you had to turn in the quest to the spawn spot that you appeared at in the first logon to the game, but not any more, after so many built a road and then quit, i realised that i had to overcome that, thus now quests authorise and payout on opening of the quest tab to go on to the next task.

Quest 1 is to teach you how to build on the map, and it is asking for a road to be made or stepped onto if already provided. As soon as you stand on a road you can then open the Quest tab to see that it is complete. (now you can build or at least got a hint that one can build in the game.) roads must be next to a road or a spawn.

Quest 2 is to build the weapon store and buy a sword. The weapon store is where you will sell the armor and weapon garbage so that you can get more redblueyellow (spectrals) in order to grind for fuel or to use as money to buy cards.

Quest 3 is building your house. the house is the most important building in the game. It gives you a teleport spot, bank, and a place to add apparatus for you to use. You must build any store or house next to a road.

Quest 4 is about searching flowers but you will automatically be ready for this quest without searching.

Quest 5 is to get you to buy your first card from a card store, of course you should build a card store if there is none. you can also qualify this quest by buying from a trade post building as well.

Quest 6 is actually just to form your first deck of at least 8 cards 4 spectrals and 4 mob cards, and then useing playdeck tools setting that deck for play. This is the most complex of the quests

Quest 7 is to buy an apparatus called the grinder, grind flowers and use it to fill the fuel for the apparatus.

Quest 8 requires you to (level up your house, buy a grunter apparatus (do not buy two of them though), and upgrade at least one step on a grunt card. This is the last quest after which you will be able to teleport to other town sites, and to player houses via the rank link.

until this point you have been in the tutorial part of the game, now you are on your own and playing the game. mobs are easy now until about level 12 (depending on how you expand and upgrade.)

at this point you will have a lot of flowers you can either buy more cards or upgrade some cards, or perhaps you would upgrade your apparatus store (if you own it) and get a ranger machine.

you will find that you will also get attacked while actually searching flowers from this point on. you are now playing the game.

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