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Things to know

This game is highly complex, you will see things you don't understand at first, especially with cards. In the basic store you will find spells and artifacts with 0 strength, and wonder "what?"... Two things allow this to be. "As your character levels, your choices affect the cards." at level 4 you might have put all your points to intelligence thus gaining a +1 to effect and of the adjustable spells. The second is that in the list of apparatus availiable are the magi and the imbuer. The magi for a cost increments a spell by 1. The imbuer moves any spell from one card to another. Cards are upgradeable and customizable via the many apperatus.

In play there are some things to understand about how each type and color of card work against and with each other.

Spectrals are the base cards of the game. there is only red, blue, yellow and grey. You find these (rby) picking flowers, and with them you make the greys. These spectrals are your money and fuel as well as they are the cards that allow you to place cards into play in the card game.

-grunts (image of a sword bearer)
-rangers (image of an archer)
-flyers (image of a dragon)
Spells (image of a hand casting)
Artifacts (image of an item)

Mob rules are:
grunt hitting grunt damage with no + nor - (all do this)
ranger hitting grunt damage with -2
grunt hitting ranger damage with +2
grunt hitting flyer can not hit
flyer hitting grunt damage with +2
ranger hitting flyer damage with +2
flyer hitting ranger damage with -2
purple is immune to yellow cards
green is immune to red cards
orange is immune to blue cards
purple powerup red and blue ally cards
green powerup yellow and blue ally cards
orange powerup yellow and red ally cards

Spells are cast to affect a specific column if they are targeting spells, some spells affect the whole board and they can be played on any column.

Artifacts are placed up to 3 on each mob, but must have a mob there to be placed. When the mob dies the Artifact does too. Some spells rearm like heal, others do not like stun.

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