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Post by grumm » Sat Aug 05, 2017 5:35 pm

Without listing roads, this is a list of buildings and their purpose compiled here.

-The House
-a bank: In order to keep you maindeck smaller there is a bank you can store your excess spectrals in. This will keep your game going at a good rate. If you carry too many cards (spectrals are actually cards too) then every time your decks are referenced will be slow.
-a teleport spot: in this game there are many towns and maps. while battling in the ranks you will end up in other towns and even other maps, so in the house tab is a teleport button to return to your own home. Before you do own a home the spawn table is where you teleport to. on death you will be directed to these teleport spots.
-apparatus room: To upgrade your cards is the biggest part of the game, you will house the devices in the house. You need room in your house for these devices and will gain more space from upgradeing the house. a slight difference in the house graphic will be seen when you do upgrade to the next level.
Standing on another's house gives you a link to challange that player if they and yourself do have a playdeck.
with a housebank all flowers searched are sent to your housebank directly. this keeps the maindeck from being large and taking a long time to load, which is often if searching places into your hand.

The Stores:
-Weapon Shop:

-Upgrades to level 20.
-Buys and sells junk, as well as food and health, and the rank ring.
-Basic Card Shop:
-Upgrades to level 8.
-Sells red, blue, and yellow mob cards. does not buy cards. selling of cards can be done via tradepost to other players or you might use the splitter to turn cards, you do not wish to hold, into chaos spectrals.
-Advanced Card Shop:
-Sells purple, green, and orange mob cards. does not buy cards. careful consideration to buying these cards, they are ultra powerful but can not enter the apparatus room thus can not be repaired or guilded. These cards can be made by players but as soon as they are removed from the apparatus room can not reenter it. These cards require you to plan how you will use them and you will want to understand them well to fight against them.
-Apparatus Shop
-Upgrades to level 5.
-Sells apparatus that upgrade cards.
-Has descriptions for apparatus below the store screen.
-Shows only apparatus you have room to buy in house.
-non upgradeable, this building holds cards for selling to other players. in order to send a card here, and in fact to the particular one you are standing on, you will find that while at the tradepost, in your deck viewer is now a button with "send to trade" and a fair value has been generated for that card. you can enter your own values for the card then send it to trade, (I think I remember that when you see your cards in the deck you can buy it back for 0.)
-This building also handles posting messages, and two standing here could actually chat useing it, but it is purely for fun this message part. I have not written a chat yet, but might.
-non upgradeable
-mearly a link to the Custom Card (purchace) Shop.
-Note that no cash purchace until enough people are in rank battleing. (im not really dong this for money, but people do like to get ahead. You can generate cards and experience what the symbols and spells do here, like a card encyclopedia, but should note that in game imbue rules allow you to imbue from high level cards to low level cards.
-no effect at all in this game, purely for vanity.

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